Who are We?
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Who are We?

Jiaxing Deyong Textile Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese joint venture company, jointly invested and established by Matsuoka Industry Group Co., Ltd. Dainichi (Japan) Co., Ltd. and Matsuo (Japan) Co., Ltd. It is located in the beautiful and fertile Hangjiahu Plain, adjacent to the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, with Hangzhou Bay in the south and Shanghai in the east. The scenery is beautiful and the geographical position is superior.

The company was established on March 28, 2002, with a total investment of US330 million and a registered capital of US119.6 million. The company has a construction area of 40,000 square meters and 250 employees. It established a branch in Vietnam in July 2017.In 2020, we will start the construction and relocation of a new 20 million-meter composite fabric project and a new factory building, and will put it into production in 2021.Main products and output: functional clothing composite fabrics, with an annual processing capacity of 20 million meters/year.

  • 250

    250 employees

  • 100+

    100 equipment

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  • Annual output
    The company mainly produces functional clothing composite fabrics with an annual processing capacity of 15 million meters per year.
  • Advanced equipment
    The company has more than 80 sets (sets) of various production and processing equipment and testing and experimental equipment.
  • Product Features
    The various high-end clothing fabrics produced and processed by the company not only have super water repellency, but also have high moisture permeability, anti-wrinkle and anti-mildew functions.

How do we
achieve production?

The company has more than 100 sets (sets) of various production and processing equipment and testing and experimental equipment such as coating, laminating, laminating, stripping, shaping, stenting, calendering, packaging, etc. Most of the equipment is imported from Japan. Adopt Japanese high technology.

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